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Product Details
Filmy resistor
  • Company: Shanghai carries grand electro
  • Address: Shanghai of chinese mainland Shanghai is loose Le
  • Phone: (86 21) 67741095
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Main norms / special function:

  • Series of AR of accurate and filmy resistor
  • Accurate and filmy resistor is a kind of high accuracy stick piece model resistor
  • Very stable, low noise, can be in high frequency on use
  • Tall accurate precision: 0.01% , 0.05% , 0.25% , 0.5% , 1%
  • Temperature coefficient: TCR5PPM, 10PPM, 25PPM, 50PPM
  • Can amount to dinky dimension, province space, save cost 0402/0201/01005
  • Application: Medical instrument, measure equipment, power source converter, LCD control plate, partial mobile phone, charger, car, imprint watch machine control plate