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Product Details
Capacitor of pottery and porcelain
  • Company: Inc. of China Wei electron
  • Address: Countryside of peace and tranquility of county of
  • Phone: (886 4) 22783432
  • Homepage:
Main norms / special function:

  • Temperature coefficient: Y5PZ5UZ5V
  • Test condition: 1KHz+/-100Hz, apply voltage 1-3Vrms
  • Dissipation factor: ?#8804;2.5% of food container of the She nationality
  • Bulk and adhesive tape are packed (paper classics <10mm) is optional
  • Down-lead span adhesive tape packs: 2.5mm(straight down-lead) &5mm(straight or introvert down-lead)
  • Working voltage: ≥3KVDC, capacitor besmear has coat of blue epoxy resin