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Product Details
Capacitor of pottery and porcelain
  • Company: Limited company of company of
  • Address: Road of river of riverside of head of Shan of chi
  • Phone: (86 754) 8854060 / (86 754) 8857416
  • Homepage:
Main norms / special function:

  • Use at AC device
  • Characteristic:
    • Volume is minor
    • Accord with safe level
    Pay data:

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    Attestation standard: CSAExamine attestation to scanNumber: 1299528 enter CSA database inquiryCertificate extends date: 28-Aug-2002Extend orgnaization: CSAINTERNATIONALAttestation standard: NEMKOExamine attestation to scanNumber: P03100094Certificate extends date: 22-Jan-2003Extend orgnaization: NemkoASAttestation standard: FIMKOExamine attestation to scanNumber: F119331Certificate extends date: 06-Feb-2003Extend orgnaization: SGSFimkoLtd. Attestation standard: SEMKONumber: 300017Certificate extends date: 15-Jan-2003Extend orgnaization: SEMKOAB, productCertificationAttestation standard: ULNumber: E192572 enters UL database inquiryCertificate extends date: 28-Jul-1998Extend orgnaization: UnderwritersLaboratoriesInc. Attestation standard: VDEExamine attestation to scanNumber: 40004354 enter VDE database inquiryCertificate extends date: 03-Dec-2002Extend orgnaization: VDETestingandCertification