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Product Details
  • Company: 3 Yue electron limited company
  • Address: Mountain of cloud of Shanghai of chinese mainland
  • Phone: (Extension of 86 21) 52707835: 112 / (86 21) 52707821
  • Homepage:
Main norms / special function:

  • Utility: Basically use at power source filter
  • Loss role is tangential:
    • 2B4(Y5P) : ≤2.0%
    • 2E4(Y5U) : ≤2.0%
    • 2F4(Y5V) : ≤2.0%
  • Insulation resistance: ≥8000M1 minute
  • Test voltage: 500VDC
  • Proof voltage: Bring to bear on according to client demand times communication of 8~10 is rated voltage 1 minute, not punctureThe attestation of the product:

    Attestation standard: ULExamine attestation to scanNumber: E201088 enters UL database inquiryCertificate extends date: 17-Aug-1999Extend orgnaization: UnderwriersLaboratoriesInc. Attestation standard: VDEExamine attestation to scanNumber: 60384-14 enters VDE database inquiryCertificate extends date: 17-Mar-2008Extend orgnaization: VDETestingandCertificationInstituteAttestation standard: CSAExamine attestation to scanNumber: 1279203 enter CSA database inquiryCertificate extends date: 25-Jun-2002Extend orgnaization: CSAInternationaAttestation standard: SGSExamine attestation to scanNumber: SH7121864/CHEN enters SGS database inquiryCertificate extends date: 22-Oct-2007Extend orgnaization: SGS-CSTCAttestation standard: ISO9001:2000Examine attestation to scanNumber: 0120601041383MCertificate extends date: 28-Jun-2006Extend orgnaization: Guangzhou surpasses treasure attestation center