Hot Keywords:  slewing bearings  tyre bladder  cotton yarn
Product Details
  • Company: 3 Yue electron limited company
  • Address: Mountain of cloud of Shanghai of chinese mainland
  • Phone: (Extension of 86 21) 52707835: 112 / (86 21) 52707821
  • Homepage:
Main norms / special function:

  • Capacitance of CC, CT, SC
  • The diameter is less than 8mm
  • All can make up belt
  • Offer machine of automatic plug-in unit to useThe attestation of the product:

    Attestation standard: ISO9001:2000Examine attestation to scanNumber: 0120601041383MCertificate extends date: 28-Jun-2006Extend orgnaization: Guangzhou surpasses treasure attestation center