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Product Details
Multilayer Capacitor of pottery and porcelain
  • Company: Guangdong division believes in
  • Address: Area of cropland of blessing of Shenzhen of chine
  • Phone: (86 755) 83740023 / (86 7555) 83741111
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Main norms / special function:

  • Capacitance range is wide
  • Capacitance inductance, use at environment of high frequency application
  • Good solderability, be able to bear or endure solder high temperature, apply to fluid solder and circumfluence solder
  • Apply to installation of high speed surface to press art
  • Working temperature: - 55-125°C
  • Temperature coefficient: 0+/-30ppm/°CPay data:

    Freight is detailed information:

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  • The attestation of the product:

    Attestation standard: RoHSNumber: GZ0602021986/CHEMCertificate extends date: 06-Mar-2006Extend orgnaization: SGS-CSTC