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Product Details
Earphone inserts aperture
  • Company: Essence of life takes industri
  • Address: Edifice of industry of abundant of 2 buildings pe
  • Phone: (852) 23424128 / (852) 27908393
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Main norms / special function:

  • Stereo earphone inserts aperture
  • Rated power source: DC30V0.3A
  • Twinkling changes resistor: ?0mohm of Da of the She nationality
  • Insulation resistance: Plutonium ∥ ?00mohm(500VDC)
  • Can endure voltage: AC500V/1 minute
  • Operate force:  Ba carries haze  to return  of grave Wei Xi
  • Service life: ? of Χ of die young of Chinese toon of ruthenium swiftly unlined upper garment, 000Pay data:

    Freight is detailed information:

    Consign period: