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Product Details
Socket / connector
  • Company: Emerge heart electron Inc.
  • Address: City of garden of peach of garden of Chinese Taiw
  • Phone: (Extension of 886 3) 3568600: 207
  • Homepage:
Main norms / special function:

  • Electronic attribute:
    • Compression detects
    • 500VAC/RMS is industrial electric frequency: Border the 50-60Hz between open middle, 1 minute noes keeping anything from each other
  • Resistor:
    • Insulation is contacted piece mutual insulation resistance is 100mΩ the smallest be less than 500VDC
  • Contact resistor:
    • Socket contacts resistor to not be more than 50mΩ
    • Electric current: Be less than 100mA
    • Frequency of 4 terminal means: 1kHz
  • Choose report to emerge protective material and finishing:
    • Dielectric: High fever is plastic, UL94V-0
    • Contact piece: Copper alloy
    • Film:
      • Interface: Medicinal powder gold
      • Solder instep: 100µ stannum
      • Base eletroplates: Nickel of 50-100µ complete plating
  • Application:
    • DVD player / videocorder
    • LCDTV
    • Mother board
    • Workstation