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Product Details
USB connector
  • Company: Limited company of science and
  • Address: Edifice of news of Shenzhen of chinese mainland G
  • Phone: (86 755) 82091722
  • Homepage:,
Main norms / special function:

  • String together buccal connect, can undertake data synchronism
  • Product feature: High grade wire, soft and durable
  • Technical parameter:
    • The line is long: 1.3 meters
    • Net amount: 75 grams
    • Gross weight: 85 grams
    • Pack: Elevator
  • Applicable type: Palmm100/105
  • Use method: The standard that receives those who string together a synchronous line electrify head at the same time strings together a mouth, receive at the same time on PDA, can undertake data synchronismPay data:

    The smallest order:
    1, 000 to 1, 999
  • Freight is detailed information:

    Consign period: