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Product Details
  • Company: Lukewarm city idea China commu
  • Address: After Weng Yang presses down city of Le Qing of o
  • Phone: (86 577) 62822222 / (86 577) 62822228
  • Homepage:
Main norms / special function:

  • Product number: MiniUSB/BType/5Pin/Receptacle/SMTType
  • Norms: B03
  • Support personal computer Plug and Play and periphery join latest technology
  • Use technology of series bus line to be the same as USB personal computer camera of PDA, mobile phone, number, scanner, printer, clavier and mouse join to be together
  • Electronic technology:
    • Rated electric current: 1A30VACMin
    • Insulation resistance: 1000mΩmini
    • Working environment temperature: - 20~85°C
    • Aureate ply: G/F, 3U, 6U, 15U, 30U
    • Screen carapace material is qualitative: The material such as stannum, nickel and stainless steel is qualitative
    Freight is detailed information:

    Consign period:
  • The attestation of the product:

    Attestation standard: ULExamine attestation to scanNumber: 200236132001 enter UL database inquiryCertificate extends date: 18-Oct-2001Extend orgnaization: ULAttestation standard: The UL attestation of USBNumber: E253995 enters UL database inquiryCertificate extends date: 04-May-2005Extend orgnaization: ULAttestation standard: ISO9001Number: 15/05Q5660R11Certificate extends date: 19-Sep-2005Extend orgnaization: Attestation of 10 thousand peaceful