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Product Details
  • Company: Emerge heart electron Inc.
  • Address: City of garden of peach of garden of Chinese Taiw
  • Phone: (Extension of 886 3) 3568600: 207
  • Homepage:
Main norms / special function:

  • Exterior and direct link arrives notebook computer, table computer, consume electron and visit server
  • Gen1m is mixed or Gen2m norms is used at 1.5GB/s and 3GB/s respectively, accord with requirement of connector of the buy outside screen
  • Supportive heat is inserted unplug and be not dynamical connector fittings
  • The requirement is disturbed in equipment and advocate coupling of AC of the implementation below the interface
  • Handle tension: The biggest 100VAC
  • Rated electric current: 1.5A/ is contacted piece
  • Contact resistor: The biggest 30MOhms
  • After the environment monitors:
    • Insulation resistance: 1, 000MOhms
    • Medium compression: 500VAC