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Product Details
Kiss switch
  • Company: Dongguan city group amount to
  • Address: City of Dongguan of industrial district of house
  • Phone: (86 769) 2267 1433 / (86 769) 2225 2346
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Main norms / special function:

  • The product is made by the material of high quality, function is reliable
  • Rating: 50mA, 12VDC
  • Contact resistor: Europe of ∮ ?00 fine long hair
  • Insulation resistance: 1Above of 0 million Europe
  • Proof voltage (V):250VAC
  • Operate strength: 150gf+/-30gf/180gf+/-30gf/250gf+/-30gf
  • Terminal intensity: 500gf
  • Power strength: 1Kgf
  • Life checks: 100, 000
  • Impact test: Acceleration of switch peak value is 100m/s2, nominal and pulsatile duration is 16ms, in the collision frequency that brings to bear on 100 times on each direction of 3 mutual and vertical axis
  • Shake an experiment: In 10Hz of ~ of 50Hz of ~ of switch frequency 10Hz, amplitude value is 3.5mm, the condition that sweep circulates 10 times has test
  • Solderability checks: Collate of 敳 of common the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty calls out  Jia  to endow with Piao?mm deep, temperature is 230±5 Celsius, time is 3±0.5 second
  • Be able to bear or endure solder sex experiments: The time temperature control that solder furnace solders is in 260±5 Celsius, time crossing furnace is 3±0.5 second, (substrate) ply 1.6mm
  • Be able to bear or endure cold experiment:  offsprings the 48 hour hind in Celsius of?25±3 of the fat dew that confuse Xuan, place normal temperature again constant wet in 1 hour will have a test
  • Heat-resisting experiments:  offsprings after the fat dew that confuse Xuan checks 48 hours in?0±2 Celsius, in placing normal room temperature again 1 hour will have a test
  • Constant damp and hot: Fat confuse?0±2 Celsius, relative humidity is the 96 hour hind in 95% environments of 90% ~ , put model after below normal environment 1 hour to have a test again
  • Use temperature limits: ?16 ~ + use inside 60 degrees of temperature
  • Temperature changes: Switch is in - 25 and + 別 of the cent below the temperature of 70 places 30 minutes, the changeover time of temperature is 2 ~ 5 minutes, 10 hind, restore after below normal temperature 1 hourPay data:

    The smallest order:
    10, 000 to 19, 999
  • Freight is detailed information:

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