Hot Keywords:  slewing bearings  tyre bladder  cotton yarn
Product Details
  • Company: Ke Zhengxin limited company
  • Address: Garden of peach of garden of Chinese Taiwan peach
  • Phone: (886 3) 3380787
  • Homepage:
Main norms / special function:

  • TSRE_-TL-1.5/TSRE_-T-1.5
  • Characteristic:
    • 3.9x3.55mm size, tall 1.5mm, stick an installation switch high to be able to undertake high density spends installation
    • Level can be on way of PC board standard operation
    • 12mm is wide imprint protruding act the role ofing is made up belt pack
    • 0.3mm journey
  • Application:
    • Portable electron product
    • MP3 reachs a mobile phone
    • Communication system
    Pay data: