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Gear electric machinery
  • Company: Limited company of industry of
  • Address: Ternary city promotes county of Taipei of Chinese
  • Phone: (886 2) 85123689
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Main norms / special function:

  • RA: Storehouse  fertile
  • RGN/RGU: Piao of flesh of Yu of Lu of obstruct of Qi of trade of take along sth to sb is broken
  • Single-phase AC electric machinery / gear electric machinery:
    • 2RK6RA-AM, 2RK6RGN-AM:6W, 110V, 330g/cm, 250-460g/cm, 0.3A, 2.5uF, 25kg/cm
    • 2RK6RA-CM, 2RK6RGN-AM:6W, 220V, 330g/cm, 250-460g/cm, 0.15A, 0.8uF, 25kg/cm
    • 3RK15RA-AM, 3RK15RGN-AM:15W, 110V, 550g/cm, 300-660g/cm, 0.5A, 3.5uF, 50kg/cm
    • 3RK15RA-CM, 3RK15RGN-CM:15W, 220V, 550g/cm, 300-660g/cm, 0.25A, 1.2uF, 50kg/cm
    • 4RK25RA-AM, 4RK25RGN-AM:25W, 110V, 1400g/cm, 300-1600g/cm, 0.9A, 8uF, 80kg/cm
    • 4RK25RA-CM, 4RK25RGN-CM:25W, 220V, 1400g/cm, 300-1600g/cm, 0.45A, 2uF, 80kg/cm
    • 5RK40RA-AM, 5RK40RGN-AM:40W, 110V, 2400g/cm, 1000-2500g/cm, 1.6A, 14uF, 100kg/cm
    • 5RK40RA-CM, 5RK40RGN-CM:40W, 220V, 2400g/cm, 1000-2600g/cm, 0.8A, 2.5uF, 100kg/cm
    • 5RK60RA-AM, 5RK60RGN-AM:60W, 110V, 3000g/cm, 1100-3500g/cm, 1.8A, 16uF, 100kg/cm
    • 5RK60RA-CM, 5RK60RGN-CM:60W, 220V, 3000g/cm, 1000-3500g/cm, 0.9A, 4uF, 100kg/cm
    • 5RK60RGU-AM:60W, 110V, 3000g/cm, 1100-3500g/cm, 1.8A, 16uF, 150kg/cm
    • 5RK60RGU-CM:60W, 220V, 3000g/cm, 1100-3500g/cm, 0.9A, 4uF, 150kg/cm
    • 5RK90RA-AM, 5RK90RGU-AM:90W, 110V, 3600g/cm, 1200-4000g/cm, 2A, 25uF, 200kg/cm
    • 5RK90RA-CM, 5RK90RGU-CM:90W, 220V, 3600g/cm, 1200-4000g/cm, 1A, 6uF, 200kg/cm
    • 5RK120RA-AM, 5RK120RGU-AM:120W, 110V, 6300g/cm, 2500-6500g/cm, 4A, 25uF, 200kg/cm
    • 5RK120RA-CM, 5RK120RGU-CM:120W, 120V, 6300g/cm, 2500-6500g/cm, 2A, 8uF, 200kg/cm