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Agglomeration casts aluminous nickel cobaltic permanent magnetism
  • Company: Xiamen limited company of elec
  • Address: The road austral lakeside of Xiamen of chinese ma
  • Phone: (86 592) 2397378 / (86 592) 2397379
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Main norms / special function:

  • Powerful magnetic force, low reversible temperature coefficient, working temperature is as high as 550 Celsius
  • Material: AMaterial of L+Ni+Co+ other rare earth
  • Application:
    • Sound wave equipment, for example earphone, microphone and loudhailer
    • Appearance instrument, be like electric power, speed and flowmeter measure a watch
    • Medical treatment equipment, the electromagnetism that be like water implement, magnetism treatment facilities
  • Function:
    • LN9, LN10, LNG12, LNG13, LNG37, LNG40, LNG44, LNG52, LNG60, LNGT28, LNGT36J, LNGT18, LNGT32, LNGT40, LNGT60, the GB in LNGT72(is accurate)
    • Aluminous alnico 2, aluminous alnico 3, aluminous alnico 5, aluminous alnico 5DG, aluminous alnico 5-7, aluminous alnico 6, aluminous alnico HC, aluminous alnico 8, beautiful GB of aluminous alnico 9(is accurate)
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