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LED lamp
  • Company: Limited company of photoelectr
  • Address: Side spends east wind highway of Guangzhou of chi
  • Phone: (86 20) 38012573
  • Homepage:
Main norms / special function:

  • Linear dissociable LED takes a design to go up at PCB, back contains agglutinant adhesive plaster
  • Dissociable 3 LED lamp, the rest after cut can become independent partly or join is used
  • Side glow creates corona effect for the appearance
  • Offer a variety of monochromatic color
  • Utility:
    • Glow of small character mother is designed
    • Mood floodlight
  • Basic technology parameter:
    • Standard length: 3m/ scrollreels
    • Bandwidth: 5mm
    • Working voltage: 12VDC
    • Working electric current: 340-400mA/ rice
    • Take LED measure completely: 60 LED/ rice